During Sunday night's Giants-Packers game in Green Bay, Randall Cobb had one of his best performances of the season with nine catches and 108 receiving yards. As the Packers led 23-16, Cobb made his final reception of the game: a 13-yard catch on third-and-6 just shy of the two-minute warning. As Cobb gained possession of the ball, he smartly remained inbounds for the Packers to kneel out the game clock and seal the victory. 

But Giants safety Landon Collins went full force to knock Cobb out of bounds in a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit which knocked the Packers star unconscious for a frighteningly long time. In the clip above, you can see how Cobb received a hard head-hunts that will make you cringe like you saw a nasty car accident.

After several people rushed to his aid following the scary moment, Cobb regained consciousness and said feeling his fingers move was how he knew he would be okay. 

“Got folded up like a lawn chair,” Cobb stated about his blackout experience. “I laid there for a second. Then I turned over and, like, I had 15 faces in front of me. So I thought I had died or something. They kind of scared me more than anything... And then I felt, I saw I could move my fingers and my feet. So I knew it was all right.”

Cobb was able to walk on his own after the hit, with resounding applause from the game's attendees. According to ESPN, Cobb's teammate Mike McCarthy opined that the hit was "unnecessary." 

“Well, it didn’t look very good,” McCarthy said Monday. “It didn’t look very good live, and it didn’t look very good on film. Unnecessary, but he’s going to be fine."

Cobb shrugged off the hit because there was no penalty called on the play. He stated, "If I get hit, I get hit. If it’s unnecessary, it’s unnecessary. They didn’t call a penalty, so I guess it wasn’t unnecessary."