Whether you’re a Green Bay Packers fan, or just a savvy fantasy football manager, Randall Cobb is somewhere on your radar. Since he joined the team’s receiving corps, Cobb has become a favorite target of Packers superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Also a brilliant kick returner, Cobb was a college quarterback who had to learn the ropes of playing wide receiver at the pro level—so he’s smart as well.

What you might not know about Cobb is the extent to which he gives his time and energy off the field to help guide and mentor local youth. In discussing his own childhood, Cobb admits that he might never have reached his full potential without the invaluable support of older role models. Now he wants to do the same for kids who might need that extra bit of motivation or guidance.

Cobb says that the key to working with children is to gain their trust, and let them know you are someone they can respect—many pro football players would take that one for granted, but not Cobb. In addition to his mentorship work, Cobb supports the organization Blessings In a Backpack, a group that sends disadvantaged children home with a backpack full of food every Friday to last them through the weekend. It’s hard to think of a better cause. To hear more from Randall Cobb, and to learn more about his journey as a football player, check out the video above.