Usually, when people leave their home, there's a mental rolodex you go through in order to ensure that you don't leave without the essentials: keys, phone, wallet, etc. Athletes need to start doing something similar to this before going to the airport, but instead, start remembering the things they shouldn't have on them when boarding a flight with a loaded gun appearing near the top of the list.

It sounds like common sense, but according to TMZ SportsPhiladelphia Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham joined the likes of Dwight Howard, Vikings offensive lineman Andre Smith, and boxer Robert Guerrero to get caught with a loaded gun at the airport. During the Eagles' bye week, Bradham was arrested on a second degree misdemeanor concealed weapons charge after TSA workers at Miami International Airport spotted the firearm when he put his backpack through the X-ray machine. 

When the loaded firearm was brought to his attention, Bradham claimed that he forgot it was in his bag, and produced his concealed weapons permit. Since officials believe "it was clear that there was no criminal intent on his part," Bradham was released that same day on a $500 bond. 

The Eagles released a statement earlier today, acknowledging Bradham's arrest, adding that they have maintained communication with him, and authorities regarding the matter. Bradham was also arrested in July after he was accused of assaulting a Miami hotel employee. He's expected to appear in court for that case on Wednesday.  

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