Why don't athletes seem to understand that you're not allowed to bring guns on planes?! In the past, we've seen a number of them try to get away with it and fail miserably. And now, yet another one has been arrested for trying to board a flight with a firearm.

This time, the culprit is Floyd Mayweather's next opponent Robert Guerrero. According to the New York Post, Guerrero attempted to get on a plane at JFK Airport in New York earlier today with an unloaded .40-cal Smith & Wesson semi-automatic gun. But, the weapon was detected by security, and Guerrero was arrested.

Guerrero claims that he was bringing the gun, which was not loaded, to a photo shoot to be used as a prop. But, uhhhhhhh…Doesn't he know that you're not allowed to bring it in a carry-on bag?! Obviously not. And, as a result, he'll now have to pay the price for doing it.

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[via NY Post]