Years active in WWE: 1987-1990, 1997
Manager: Bobby Heenan
Finishing move: Rude Awakening
Best heel moment: Hitting on Jake "The Snake" Roberts’s wife

Rick Rude’s entire gigolo character was based on one simple premise: No man will cheer for a guy who their girlfriend thinks is sexy. And Rick Rude, with his chiseled abs and incredible biceps, drove the female fans crazy. But still, when Rude decided to harass and lay hands on Jake Roberts’s wife, he went too far. To female fans, he was every douchebag who bothered them on the street. To male fans, he was a challenge to their masculinity. Rude had to retire early due to a back injury, but he’s still one of the underrated greats, loved by his locker room peers and hated by the fans for all the right reasons.