Former NHL player, Mike Commodore, was known for a lot of things during his 500-game career. The gritty defender was always one to rock an epic hairdo, and made his presence on the ice known, with bone-crushing hits. He might have not been an absolute star, but he was definitely a character. Despite never wearing the fan-backed jersey number of 64, Commodore was known to have a little fun here and there. Now two years out of the league, it seems that his trend of adventure isn't stopping. Taking to his Twitter account earlier this week, the veteran announced that he's now an Uber driver.

The player then proceeded to tweet highlights of his first night picking up fares. Rolling in his Escalade in Scottsdale, Arizona, Commodore shared it all online.

Fans began to reach out to the new driver, asking if their rides came with any particular perks.

The player also discovered it was a small world, getting hailed by another former NHLer's neice.

In the end, Commodore seemed to have enjoyed himself, proving that post-NHL careers don't have to be boring. In the end, however, it seemed to have tired him out. If nothing else, hockey fans will all be hoping for more live tweets from the witty player. Speaking with TSN reporter, Bob McKenzie, Commodore said that he was just trying out the experience for fun. "I'm single, I've got no kids, I was just looking for something to get me out of the house and keep me out of the bars".