While Nick Young says he's put the controversy surrounding him and his Lakers teammate D'Angelo Russell behind him, Russell learned some valuable lessons from the whole thing that he's obviously going to continue to use. For example, he now knows exactly how to handle incredibly awkward social situations. That's what happens when you shoot a video of a teammate bragging about cheating on his fiancée and then have to try and coexist with that guy on the basketball court for the rest of the NBA season.

On Sunday night during a Lakers preseason game against the Nuggets, Russell was once again asked to deal with an awkward interaction with a group of teammates, and while it wasn't nearly as controversial as the last one, he handled the situation masterfully after he attempted to high-five a trio of teammates who completely ignored his request:

This, of course, isn't the first time we've seen Julius Randle leave Russell hanging. Perhaps you remember this textbook example of curving that went down after a game-winning shot last season:


Julius Randle was hyped celebrating the win with Jordan Clarkson but wasn't feeling it with D'Angelo Russell. 😂😂

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As you can see, Russell is proving that practice makes perfect, which is something we expect to continue. Here he is also showing his versatility by shaking his own hand after Rick Fox came up late following a recent interview:

Russell also had himself a pretty good run on the court over the weekend:

High fives all around for that.