Prior to LSU's football game against Mississippi State on Saturday, Tigers fans gathered at the Parade Grounds where they witnessed a brutal, one-punch knockout. With one solid hook to the jaw, the kid in the purple-striped polo folded like a human lawn chair onto the ground. As the poor guy laid on the grass knocked out cold, a cup and some beer were thrown on his head. 


TKO #lsufootball

A video posted by Dillon Breaux (@yeabreaux) on Sep 17, 2016 at 3:55pm PDT

This fight was just one of many instances where idiotic behavior was captured on video. Following a game-winning touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter that gave Georgia a 27-26 win over Missouri, one Bulldogs fan celebrated by putting himself through a window, only to land in the hospital to get his arm stitched up.

On Sunday, NFL fans exhibited equally irrational behavior. During the Los Angeles Rams' home opener against the Seattle Seahawks, a couple Rams fans beat down on a 'Hawks fan as another person screamed for help in an effort to get his son out of harm's way. Then there was the brief fight between two Oakland Raiders fans. After a smaller guy wearing a Derek Carr jersey inexplicably picked on a bigger dude in a Khalil Mack jersey, the person in the Carr jersey was blindsided with a punch to the dome that had him catching some z's for a minute or two.  

Tossing around the pigskin, and football fans knocking each other out. Ah, you can tell fall is around the corner. 

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