Washington Wizards All-Star guard John Wall arrived at the Redskins' FedEx Field before Sunday's 1 p.m. kickoff rocking a throwback Emmitt Smith Cowboys jersey. For anyone who knows the Redskins and Cowboys' mutual hate, this definitely raised eyebrows and pissed off a lot of Washington D.C. sports fans.

Wall was also seen exchanging pleasantries with Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant before the game in the video clip below:

And it doesn't stop there. Wall was seen signing a Cowboys flag and living it up with Cowboys fans. Here's a clip of that:

The Cowboys and Redskins are longstanding rivals in the NFC East division, and both teams' fans have been sworn enemies since 1960, when they were placed in the same division by the NFL.

Many D.C. sports fans are now claiming on Twitter that Wall is insinuating he wants to leave D.C. for good. Wall admitted last month that he and his Wizards teammate Bradley Beal really don't get along when playing on the court together during the NBA season. The speculation has grown over statements he made in February, when he said that Wizards fans that get more excited winning free chicken sandwiches at games than the team getting a win.

Wall has been seen wearing a Redskins jersey in the past to support his employer's home base. But for some reason, he wants to rock the jersey of the greatest Cowboys running back in the franchise's history.

Here's what Twitter had to say about his sacrilege: