According to Jason Whitlock, there's a culture war being waged that hasn't been discussed by any mainstream media outlets. This first line from Whitlock either caused your ears perk up a little bit, or made you want to cover your face, fearing that the ensuing hot take could potentially scorch your eyebrows off. So, what is this "culture war" no one seems to be talking about? Wait for it...cyber humans vs. humans. 

"Right now, cyber humans are crushing humans," Whitlock said. "It might be the most one-sided war in the history of the world." Aaaaaand, would you look at that, the eyebrows are gone! Whitlock took aim at three social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But he had a real bone to pick with Twitter. Just look at a couple replies to this tweet: 

Yeah, Twitter really grinds Whitlock's gears. But how does Colin Kaepernick factor into all of this? "Twitter is why the media, and celebrities believe police are indiscriminately killing large numbers of black men," Whitlock said. "Twitter is why Colin Kaepernick believes police brutality is a bigger threat to black men than mass incarceration, and poverty. Twitter is why Kaepernick, and his supporters think the best way to show that black lives matters is by being publicly angry when a white police officer kills a black man unjustly, and silent when a black man kills a black boy unjustly."   

What seems to be lost on Whitlock when it comes to Kaepernick's actions is, well, everything. Kaep isn't just being "publicly angry" over police brutality, he's also pledged to donate $1 million to help build up communities, and put his entire share of jersey sales back into the places that need it most. Kaepernick realizes it's not as black and white as Whitlock lays it out. 

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