Singaporean swimmer Joseph Schooling beat his childhood idol Michael Phelps with a time of 50.39 seconds versus the latter's 51.14 seconds in the 100m butterfly to win a gold medal on Friday. Just like tennis player Monica Puig stated about herself after winning a gold medal Saturday night, best believe Schooling's life is about to change a bit for the better.

That also means women are about to flock towards him, including the ones who may have been slow responding to giving him a chance for a date before he bested the greatest swimmer ever and arguably the greatest Olympic athlete of this generation.

After his win, one of Schooling's former Tinder matches suddenly lamented her regrets when she tweeted about her lack of responses to Schooling when she had the chance to follow through more promptly with him back in April. Her Twitter handle is "sabwow," and she did her best to vicariously claim that Schooling winning the gold medal was her "greatest accomplishment," along with screenshots of their Tinder DMs to prove her connection to him.

Or, according to Donald Trump's personal dictionary, it could have been just sarcasm for her to claim that "accomplishment." She continues with more tweets to reflect that sentiment, and about how she really blew this chance that she probably can't get back now.

In the immortal words of Biz Markie, "Damn it feels good seeing people up on it" aptly fits Schooling right now. And as for "sabwow," she definitely caught the VAPORS.

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