Twitter lit up last month when the internet stumbled upon a man wearing a full Michael Jordan uniform in a pickup game. Today, a local news station came out with some more context on the fan Jeffrey Harrison.

Harrison, 33, is autistic, and he's a huge MJ fan. His friends say he wakes up in the morning and watches Jordan videos and studies his moves. What he wore that day has been his typical pickup basketball attire since 2010.

When Michael Jordan heard the story, Jordan actually mailed gear and a letter to Harrison, and even reached out to him personally on the phone.

Harrison's friends say he isn't always treated kindly at the courts, and sometimes people make fun of him for wearing the full MJ fit, but that hasn't deterred his passionate fanhood.

This story is incredible. Jordan isn't known for his gentle spirit, but he took the time to do something Harrison will never forget. GOAT.

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