Since retiring from the NBA back in April, Kobe Bryant has more or less stayed out of the public eye. He’s been spotted hanging out with Snoop Dogg, getting slimed on Nickelodeon, and driving Ferraris in Italy, but he hasn’t done many interviews and he’s seemed content with working behind-the-scenes on his post-retirement projects. But on Tuesday, Kobe agreed to do an interview with TWC SportsNet reporter Mike Bresnahan and he spoke about what’s been going on in his life in the months following his final NBA game.

At the top of the interview, Kobe talked about the retirement beard that he’s grown. "I feel good just to be able to grow some kind of hair since I can’t grow none on my head anymore," Kobe said. "I can grow some on my face…I just call it the retired caveman look."

Kobe also revealed that he continues to keep in touch with several of the players on Team USA, including Kyrie Irving and Harrison Barnes, and said that he’s not worried about the close games the team has had at the Rio Olympics. And later in the interview, Kobe talked about the current Lakers team and said that he plans on helping the younger players on the squad next season, if they want him to.

"I would love to come by," he said. "I’ve spoken with [Lakers head coach] Luke [Walton] several times, [Lakers associate head coach Brian] Shaw as well. I let the players know that I’m always around, man. I’m always around. If they wanna come out and work out, wake up early in the morning to work out, walk them through some things."

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Kobe also touched on the gold slime that he was covered in during the Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon and revealed wayyyyyyy TMI.

"It gets everywhere," he said of the slime. "I was getting gold out of my ass for two days."

Okay then. You can check out Kobe’s entire TWC SportsNet interview in the video above. There’s no telling when we’ll hear from Kobe again, so enjoy it.