To help himself unwind after Argentina’s heartbreaking loss to Chile in the Copa America Centenario final, Lionel Messi booked a stay on a yacht in Ibiza. Cristiano Ronaldo did the same exact thing to help himself celebrate Portugal’s win over France in the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament. As a result, they’re making life very easy on the paparazzi right now and setting themselves up for a random meeting at some point this week.

By pure chance, Messi and Ronaldo both decided to book yachts that are tied up at the Marina Botafoch dock in Ibiza near the Balearic Isle. According to reports, there are only two boats separating their respective yachts, which means they can basically wave to one another while having breakfast. Messi, his longtime partner Antonella, his children, and other family members arrived first and have reportedly been hanging out on the beach nearby. Ronaldo and his family joined the party after winning Euro 2016 and celebrating with all of Portugal’s fans earlier this week:

And now, everyone is just sitting around and waiting for Messi and Ronaldo to cross paths. No word yet on how long either of them plan to stay docked or if either knew that the other would be on vacation in the same marina. But if they’re there for more than a few days, it’s only a matter of time before the Barcelona and Real Madrid stars converge and send the soccer world into a frenzy.