Lamar Odom had a rough night on Monday. According to TMZ Sports, he was removed from a Delta Air Lines flight bound for New York City after he reportedly showed up for the flight drunk and proceeded to throw up several times before eventually being escorted off the airplane by flight attendants. At one point, Odom reportedly used several of his fellow passengers' heads to stay balanced as he made his way down the plane's aisle, and while Delta Air Lines did not comment on the alleged incident, TMZ Sports reported that the flight eventually departed for NYC without him.

Odom did eventually make it to NYC after catching a flight on Tuesday, though, and shortly after he arrived in the Big Apple, he made his way to the CityScapes Gentlemen's Club in Queens. TMZ Sports reports Odom arrived at the strip club—which is the same strip club where Knicks guard Cleanthony Early was shot back in December—at around 3:15 a.m. While at the club, he reportedly hung out in a VIP area with three other men, several women, and security guards, and according to a source who spoke with TMZ Sports, he was not drinking at all. He took this photo before leaving:

After all of the media attention Odom's appearance at the club generated, CityScapes also posted this on Wednesday afternoon:

But Odom has done more than just hang out at a strip club since arriving in NYC. He hails from Queens, so he was also spotted taking photos with kids in a Queens neighborhood earlier in the day on Tuesday. As you can see in this video, he was wearing the same clothes he wore to the strip club later:

It's unclear what Odom is doing in NYC other than just visiting or where else he's going to show up. But after falling out of the public eye for the most part over the last few months, it's clear that all (paparazzi) eyes are back on him again.

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