Lamar Odom was reportedly kicked off a Delta Airlines flight bound for New York City at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday night for being intoxicated and vomiting shortly before takeoff.

According to several witnesses who spoke with TMZ Sports, the trouble started before Odom even boarded his airplane when he was spotted drinking whiskey and beer at the Delta Sky Bar lounge inside of LAX. Witnesses say he then got on the plane and sat down in his seat in first class before getting up abruptly, sprinting towards the front of the plane, and vomiting in a galley and a bathroom. Flight attendants reportedly escorted him off the flight once he walked out of the bathroom.

Odom was apparently allowed back on the flight about ten minutes later, but once again, he was forced to retreat to the plane's bathroom after taking his seat. He reportedly used several of his fellow passengers' heads to balance himself as he made his way to the bathroom, and after he left the bathroom for a second time, he was kicked off the flight for good. According to TMZ Sports, one passenger asked a flight attendant, "Don't you know his history? I don't want a dead body at 30,000 feet," as all of this was going on. The flight eventually took off without Odom and arrived in New York City about 40 minutes late.

Delta did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment on the incident. But Khloé Kardashian appeared to address the situation on Twitter on Tuesday morning when she sent out this tweet:

She also responded to several fans who lent their support to her:

Additionally, she clapped back at a follower who suggested she should be making more of an effort to help Odom instead of hanging out with Trey Songz:

This isn't the only issue Odom is reportedly dealing with right now. According to TMZ Sports, he has also been kicked out of the Calabasas, Calif. home Kardashian helped set him up with after he was released from the hospital in early 2016. TMZ Sports is reporting Kardashian found a crack pipe on the premises and told Odom he had to leave: