After reportedly getting busted "making out" in Las Vegas over 4th of July weekend, Khloé Kardashian and Trey Songz are now (reportedly!) very much a thing. The latest claims of impending coupledom come from the pun-loving experts at Us Weekly, who received the good life-affirming news from a source claiming to be close with the Kardashian fam. Spilling the deets to major publications about your personal life—that's what friends are for, right?

"They are dating," the source said Wednesday, rocking the nation. "It's very new, but she's having fun." As for all the "cozying up" the two reportedly did at Drai's nightclub at the Cromwell over the weekend, that was reportedly all in the name of being a thing. "It was really obvious they were together," the source added.

But here's the best part: alleged hotness. "Trey is a major flirt," a so-called "insider" added while speaking about the singer. "Khloé is aware, but thinks he's hot." Interesting. Compelling. Downright riveting, really.

As previously reported, Khloé and Trey were also spotted inciting coupledom rumors at Dave & Buster's in Hollywood last week. ​"He thinks she is dope and a sweet woman, but he just got out of a relationship so he is not looking for anything serious," a different source confusingly claimed to E! News at the time. "He does like how confident she is." Khloé, who was at Dave & Buster's celebrating her 32nd birthday with pretty much the whole fam, was seen leaving with Trey later that night, which brings us to our next point: possible couple names.

The only real option here, and one we should all take very seriously, is Khlo Songz. You're welcome, cruel world.

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