Andrew Bogut has previously made it known he's not one for political issues, or 'political correctness'. The Mavericks center has in the past shared memes mocking so-called social justice warriors, going so far to define himself via his Twitter bio as "triggered by SJW's privilege".

Despite his disdain for people attaching themselves to a cause, the 7-footer for some reason decided to inject himself into a polarising conversation on Sunday night, questioning the Black Lives Matter rally staged in Melbourne. Bogut Tweeted;

Protesting against Police brutality in Melbourne is like protesting for less jumbo jets to be on highways......

Considering Bogut has previously stated he didn't "want politics thrown on me every turn," it was kind of a strange thing to Tweet about. If he went looking for a fight though, his followers delivered with the quickness.

Why exactly Bogut took issue with the rally of support wasn't made any more clear as the evening progressed, however he did start blocking people who dared to question his stance.

It was an unusual move from Bogut, who spends at least nine months a year outside of Australia, and can't claim to be across everything happening here. As an NBA player, he also plays alongside some of the Black Lives Matter movement's most outspoken supporters.

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