At the start of Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday night, Warriors fans chanted “Free Draymond!” inside of Oracle Arena. Draymond Green couldn’t hear them, though, because he is, of course, not playing in the game as a result of the controversial suspension he received from the NBA following Game 4.

He heard the fans in the video above, though. Loud and clear. They were gathered at the Rangers/A’s game at nearby Coliseum, where Green is taking in a baseball game with none other than Marshawn Lynch. And they serenaded Green with an “MVP!” chant as he walked out of a bathroom inside of the stadium.

Weird? Uh, yeah. But despite his absence from Game 5, Green is clearly making his presence felt in Oakland—and online. Game 5 has been good so far, but what everyone really wants to see is what’s going on in the suite that Green and Lynch are sharing right now:

Is it too late for ABC to send a cameraman?