UPDATE: Draymond Green has some company in the form of Warriors general manager Bob Myers and Marshawn Lynch.

And if you're wondering what Green eats while watching his team try and get their second straight title, here's your answer.  

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Three days ago, Draymond Green was scheduled to be busy on Monday night. The Warriors were set to take on the Cavaliers in Game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals, so he was supposed to be tied up with that. But after what happened between him and LeBron James on Friday night during Game 4, Green got suspended. And suddenly, his schedule for Monday night was wiiiiiiide open.

Green reportedly decided to fill it by scoring some tickets to an Oakland Athletics game against the Rangers. The A’s are, unfortunately, not a great team. They're just 26-36 at the moment and in last place in the AL West. But they play in the O.co Coliseum, which just so happens to be right next door to Oracle Arena, and that means Green will be able to hustle over and celebrate with his teammates if they are able to beat the Cavs. It beats sitting out in the car waiting for the game to end, right?

Green isn’t going to do much while he’s at the A’s game, though. According to TMZ Sports, the team asked him if he wanted to throw out the first pitch before the game—which would have been pretty weird—but he declined the offer.

“We extended an invitation to Draymond to throw out the first pitch and he declined,” a spokesperson for the team told TMZ Sports. “He would prefer to keep a low profile while at our game.”

Good luck with that! If ABC doesn’t have a live feed of Green at the A’s game providing updates throughout the Finals game, someone isn’t doing their job.