Shaq Went Undercover as a Lyft Driver and Somehow Nobody Knew It Was Him

Shaq went undercover as a driver for ride-sharing app Lyft, and showed just how far he's come as an actor since 'Kazaam'.

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If there's one truly solid reason to pick Lyft over Uber (or, if you still live in the 20th century, a cab) it's that you may be given a ride by a world-famous athlete going undercover as a promotional stunt. In the past few months we've seen Jerry Rice, Danica Patrick and Richard Sherman all don disguises to take customers from point 'a' to point 'b'. Today we can add Shaquille O'Neal to this list as he took the wheel in Atlanta to show us all how much he's developed as an actor since the days of Kazaam.

Unlike the pros that came before him, Shaq dressed up in a litany of outfits (rasta, frenchman, biker, etc.) to fool his somewhat unaware passengers. Unfortunately, at 7'1", with a very distinct voice, hands as big as your head, and weighing god damn 350 lbs., it was undoubtedly a challenge to remain as anonymous as his previous peers.

Still, through some divine miracle (or, possibly, editing) Shaq managed to go unrecognized by all but one suspicious ATL resident.

Check out the four-minute video above to see his reaction to a rider calling Kobe Bryant her favorite Laker, a fan telling him Dikembe Mutombo is/was her favorite player, and watch as he teaches someone how to shoot free-throws.

Again, if you're on the fence choosing between Lyft and Uber, remember these videos.

Also, if you're skeptical whether or not these people really had no idea that this was Shaq, well, nobody here blames you.

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