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The Southeastern Eastern Conference is a college football powerhouse filled with teams that are known for their defensive schemes. But on Saturday morning, it seems like the league had major trouble defending their own Twitter account.

For those who spotted the league's timeline, someone mysteriously hacked the SEC's Twitter account and sent out two NSFW tweets of T&A that widened the eyes of the SEC's 325,000 followers. If you want to open Pandora's Box to see what they were, check here and here.

The SEC immediately deleted the skin-exposed photos once they found retweets of the half-naked pics, and vehemently apologized in a tweet to their followers.

Also, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell, the SEC apologized again in another statement about the hacked account. Plus, the SEC's Communication Director Chuck Dunlap even attested to the fact that "sometimes" it is what it is regarding the vulnerability of high-profile Twitter accounts.

This is true, being that a month ago someone was able to hack their way into the NFL's Twitter account and start a rumor that the league's commissioner Roger Goodell was dead.

And Twitter had priceless jokes about what they saw this morning on the SEC's Twitter.

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