A year ago yesterday, we did a post on Jimmy Kimmel exposing a few bandwagon Golden State Warriors fans at the NBA Finals by getting serious answers to fake-ass questions on Lie Witness News. It's become somewhat of a tradition for the late night show during the league's championship series. However, if you're still somehow unfamiliar with the bit, watch above and you'll pick it up pretty quickly.


Now that Golden State is back in the Finals, Kimmel's crew again headed to Oakland to ask more totally made-up junk of fans whose clear lack of devotion would make even Drake come off as loyal. While Golden State isn't nearly the first NBA franchise to attract fair-weather fans—think the LeBron-led Miami Heat, the '90s Bulls, the Shaq-Kobe Lakers, or any other squad that's good, really—they're the team currently donning the "bandwagon" label because, well, where the hell else are frontrunning fans going to flock to? Philadelphia?

So watch above as a handful of "diehards" pull responses out of their asses (with a straight face) to a stream of increasingly ridiculous questions, including one about Festus Ezeli missing a game for the bar exam, another about an absurd LeBron James tattoo, and a whole bunch of other stuff that would immediately set off your bullshit alarm.

Sometimes in life it's just better to say "I don't know."

Also, special bonus cameo at the end by Jesse Jackson. And, while he doesn't take the bait, we still have no idea what the hell he's talking about.