Fans were expecting salty Ayesha Curry tweets if the Warriors were to lose Game 6, and they got exactly that. The wife of MVP Stephen Curry has developed a reputation as a sore loser during this year's Finals. Her Twitter fingers were back at work in the final moments of Thursday's 115-101 Cleveland win. She posted the following tweet, which has since been deleted:

The Warriors scored just 11 points in the first quarter. And it sounds like their troubles may have started before the game even tipped off.

Ayesha Curry claims the Warriors' families were kept on a bus just before the start of Game 6 and prevented from entering Quicken Loans Arena. She believes this was a conspiracy and narrated the "drama" in a tweet thread.

10 mins til game time and the whole teams families are sitting here on a bus. They won't let us in yet. Interesting tactic though. Again.

— Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) June 17, 2016

Still waiting. At least 100 of us. 🙄🤔

— Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) June 17, 2016

They also wouldn't let our cousin into a casino today because he was wearing warriors gear. 🙄🤔

— Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) June 17, 2016

Views from the bus...

— Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) June 17, 2016

Pulling in ... It's 9pm... Anywho... #LetsGoWarriors  !!!!!!!

— Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) June 17, 2016

It was not immediately clear why the Warriors' families were kept outside of the arena—perhaps for safety reasons. Often times, security will block off the back entrance to an arena for 10 to 15 minutes before tip until the game commences.

This isn't the first time this week Curry has accused the Cavaliers or the NBA of some sort of conspiracy. She tweeted this after Game 5:

Can refs get fined?

— Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) June 14, 2016

Just imagine what we'll get from Ayesha if Cleveland actually wins this series.

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