Let college football player Jarvis Cooper remind how important it is that you really think before you get inked. Earlier this year, Cooper shared his new back tattoo on Twitter, a picture of himself carrying the football in a Memphis Tigers uniform. 

Funny thing is, these "stories" that he's going to tell will now consist of how he got a tattoo representing the University of Memphis only to leave a couple months later. According to Tom Schad of The Commercial Appeal, Cooper has been granted a release from Memphis and will transfer to another program. 

In his two seasons with the Tigers, Cooper rushed for 767 yards and scored nine touchdowns on just 166 carries. Given the limited usage, he will look for another school that can offer him a more prominent role in the offense. So, what does Jarvis think of the tat now? It appears that he's taking it all in stride, considering he's from West Memphis, Arkansas. 

After all, one Twitter follower may have said it best. 

Here's to hoping that he finds himself playing for a school that closely resembles the Tigers' uniform. 

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