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When we put together our list of the greatest three-point shooters in NBA history a couple years ago, Ray Allen landed at the top of it. Steph Curry sat several spots behind him at No. 5 overall. But since then, Curry has obviously gone on to do some pretty amazing things, including making 400 three-pointers in a single season. So is he the greatest shooter of all time?

That question is still up for debate. But during an interview with SLAM this week, Allen himself said that Curry is well on his way to becoming the best shooter ever.

“Based on what he’s done, I think he has to be,” Allen said. “He’s on his way to being the best ever.”

Allen was quick to point out, though, that it’s hard to compare Curry to some of the great shooters of the past.

“It’s always arguable, based on who’s telling the story,” he said. “One thing I always tell people is, it’s hard to compare generations. Everybody has something or somebody that makes him feel special about the game, or the way they saw and the way they appreciate the game. I’ve sat back and watched a lot and listened to a lot of people talk. [Steph is] creating a lane all of his own. People comparing him to me, to Reggie [Miller]. But I think Steph is in a category all his own. Just being able to have great handles the way he has with the ball, to be able to score at will by getting to the basket. Myself, Reggie Miller, Kyle Korver, Klay Thompson—we play a different game. We’re shooters. We come off screens, pindowns—Steph can do that, but he’s creating a different lane. Point guards haven’t been able to do what he’s been able to do, because he’s mixing that two guard-ish in there with having the great handles of a point guard.”

You can check out what else Allen had to say about Curry during his interview with SLAM here.

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