Nothing puts a dagger in a fan's heart like a clutch three to put the game away. However, nothing elates a crowd like backing the guy who drains the game-winner. Today we celebrate the marksmen who stir those emotions. A collection of the best to let it fly from beyond the arc.

While the list seems inherently biased towards modern players, it is, as you probably know the three point line made its debut in the 1979-80 season. It started as a gimmick and now is a way of life. It allows short men (and by that we mean guys around 6'4") an opportunity to compete on a floor with giants. It's also one of many things the NBA stole from the ABA to ruthlessly build their multi-billion dollar empire. 

While it may be the product of blatant theft it has led to a far more interesting game since the days of set shots and bounce passes. We salute the men who've adopted long range shots as a regular piece of their arsenal. You got to be on-target or risk the wrath of a non-stop "air ball" chant. It's no less a skill than an art.

No. Just kidding. It's not art. As a birthday salute to Kyle Korver here are The 25 Greatest Three-Point Shooters in NBA History.

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