Goran Dragic may want to consider playing with a mouthpiece from now on. I guess he hasn't learned from the first time he lost a tooth back in December when he took an elbow to the mouth from Hawks center Al Horford.

Against Detroit on Tuesday night, Dragic took a hard smack when Pistons guard Spencer Dinwiddie closed out on him outside the perimeter when Dragic had the ball. Dragic didn't get a foul called for him, so he briefly complained to the referee after he noticed that one of his front teeth had fallen out onto the court.

He figured that since it wasn't a big deal to the ref, then it definitely shouldn't be a big deal to him either. So what did he do? He tossed it to the Heat's bench, and kept it moving. No blood was drawn from the dental fallout, so the game kept going.

After the Heat won 99-93, Dragic had a sense of humor to show that losing his tooth was all in good fun. He even videobombed the post-game interview with Joe Johnson.


Since he's an NBA player with a 1-percenter's salary, I'm sure there's no need for Goran to get money from the Tooth Fairy anytime soon.

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