At around this time every year, the same question always pops up: Could the best team in college basketball beat the worst team in the NBA? And this year, both of those teams just so happen to play in the same city. So when TMZ Sports caught up with Julius Erving recently, they asked him whether or not he thinks that this year’s Villanova team could beat this year’s 76ers squad.

Dr. J revealed that he actually has some first-hand knowledge of what would happen if Nova squared off with the Sixers. That’s because, according to him, people wondered the same exact thing back in 1985 when Nova won the NCAA National Championship. The Sixers responded to those people by scrimmaging against that title team…and destroying them.

“They said that when they won in ’85,” he told TMZ Sports, “and I was there. So we had a little scrimmage, and we dusted ‘em off by about 40 or 50 points.”

It’s worth noting that the Sixers weren’t a bad team back in 1985. They actually finished with a 58-24 record during the 1984-85 NBA season. But still, remember what Dr. J said the next time you think a college team would be able to beat an NBA team.

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