With Conor McGregor out for the headlining UFC 200 match against Nate Diaz, Dana White announced on Good Morning America this good morning that their replacement fight will be a different rematch, this one between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier.

The pair previously met during January 2015 when Jones won by unanimous decision.

There's also no love lost between the two, even outside the octagon, as they participated in a free brawl during a press conference for UFC 178.

Jones won a fight last weekend at UFC 197, his first after a 15-month layoff stemming from some pretty serious legal issues. It was a bout originally scheduled for Jones and Cormier, but the latter had to pull out due to a leg injury.

Jones told the GMA crowd today that he "Just want(s) to get back to my original plan and dominate Daniel Cormier again."

If you plan on seeing if he can do just that you'll have to tune in on July 9. Or, alternatively, just read the recap five minutes afterward.

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