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If we had to guess, Jim Harbaugh doesn’t actually listen to much Migos (we know, SHOCKER!). But if hanging out with them means signing more top recruits to play at Michigan, then sign him up!

Migos attended the star-studded “Signing of the Stars” event that Michigan held earlier this year, and on Wednesday, they returned back to Ann Arbor, Mich. for Michigan’s Springfest. Harbaugh made an appearance at the concert to greet them, and he did more than just take a few photos and leave. He also got up on stage and danced did whatever he's doing here:

He dabbed, because, well, of course he did:

And he had this to say when Michigan student Rudy Schreier caught up with him backstage to ask him about the YRN chain he was spotted wearing:

How long do you think it'll be before the NCAA bans college football coaches from Migos concerts?!

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[via Fox Sports]