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The Rockets are playing pretty bad against the Warriors today. After barely making the 8th spot for the Western Conference playoffs, they trailed the Warriors at halftime 60-33 in Game 1 of their NBA playoff series, and are playing like the team that Lil B is claiming to be the culprit of his everlasting Based God Curse— until James Harden concedes to giving credit to the origins of that Cooking Dance, of course.

And even though Rockets center Dwight Howard is having the highest field goal percentage of his career this season at 62 percent, it seems that even a simple pick-and-roll towards a high-percentage shot, a two-handed dunk, is troublesome for him to find the hoop today. Gravity simply wasn't working in the Rockets favor during the 2nd quarter, like this clip above where Superman takes off and goes down a wide-open, Moses-Red Sea-parted lane to miss this dunk.

You know Lil B is somewhere laughing like Vincent Price at the end of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." James Harden, just bow to dude and get it over with. Whatever it takes!

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