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James Harden's 370 turnovers (so far) this season have broken a 38-year-old record for the most ever, and are apparently not a mere coincidence, or solely caused by careless ball handling, but are rather the latest manifestation of Lil B's vendetta against the Rockets and (more specifically) Harden himself.

Lil B relayed that news today in addition to also revealing that he's still blessing the Warriors:

You may recall that Lil B put the curse on Harden for using his cooking dance without permission. And though he temporarily lifted it (over the summer, when it didn't really help because there were no games to play), he put it back on before the season as the natural consequence of an unauthorized IG post.

Houston, despite being seen by some as a title contender back around Halloween, is currently sitting in ninth in the West, a game out of the final playoff spot. While Lil B seems content to use his supernatural abilities to exclude them from the postseason, many have asked begged the #BasedGod to focus his immense power upon their teams...:

...or to perhaps shape the world of politics, which is unlikely unless Donald Trump starts doing the cooking dance without permission:

SMH, just "show love" already, Harden. There's still time. 

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