A few years ago Stephen Curry was asked by Dan Patrick if he thought he was a better offensive player than LeBron James and he said "yes" because he has to say "yes." Still, he got dragged a little for it. With the benefit of hindsight we're sure many would reconsider their snark.

Fast forward to yesterday morning when Patrick asked Carmelo Anthony basically the same question except, in addition to James, he also asked if the Knicks star thought he was a better scorer than Curry (things change quickly). Anthony answered "yes" because what was he supposed to do, say "no?"

There's a thin line between confidence and delusion. Still, it's nice to know three straight years of getting knocked by the New York Media, and watching the playoffs on TV, hasn't deterred his self-assurance. Will he, like Curry before him, be able to look back in a few seasons and be justified? We'll have to wait at least two years to find out the answer to that No, probably not.

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[via Dan Patrick Show]