When Stephen Curry gets going and he's got the basketball in his hands, it's hard to stop him. He can shoot the ball from pretty much anywhere on the court and he can put up points in bunches. But is he a better offensive player than LeBron James?

A lot of people would say no. In fact, most people would say no. But earlier today, the Warriors guard appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and revealed that he thinks that he's a better offensive player than LeBron.

"Me," he said when Dan Patrick asked him to choose who the better offensive player is between him and LeBron. "It's gotta be, right?"


This is tough. On the one hand, Curry has to say himself when he's asked that question. But on the other, LeBron is, well, LeBron. He could very well go down as the greatest NBA player ever. So while we respect Curry's confidence in himself, we've gotta disagree with him here.

Watch the video above to hear Curry answer Patrick's question.

[via The Dan Patrick Show]