The element of surprise is obviously something the WWE uses early and often when it comes to their storylines. Just last month, they shocked most pro wrestling fans by bringing Shane McMahon back into the mix after a six-year hiatus. But it’s not as easy as it used to be to keep a surprise like Shane McMahon’s return a secret.

During an interview with the Orlando Sentinel yesterday, Vince McMahon revealed that it has gotten difficult for the WWE to keep secrets. There are so many pro wrestling websites and social media accounts out there constantly looking for scoops on big storylines, and they often end up ruining surprises for WWE fans. McMahon said that he dislikes the sites that do that, and he also said that, when it comes to events like Shane McMahon’s return, he takes extra precautions to keep them a secret.

Here's McMahon’s full response to a question about how he’s been able to keep the element of surprise intact in the WWE in 2016:

Q: But how difficult is that in this age because of the Internet and social media? Information is flowing around in so many different ways and yet when Shane came back, that was a big surprise.

A: "No, we kept that one very quiet. We try to keep these things quiet. It's difficult sometimes, like you said. It's different for a talent to know what they're going to be performing in is a surprise. It's going to be great, I can't wait. It's so difficult for them to hold that just inside. They have to share that with their family and maybe their best friend or it's one of those things where loose lips sink ships, like back in World War II. Not that I was around then. Actually, I was.

"Nonetheless, it's difficult to hold something like that but if you can, the audience loves it. It's one of the reasons why I'll always be anti-some members of the media, so-called dirt sheets or whatever it is. I've always disliked them. Not because of their voice and certainly not because of their opinion. No one respects the First Amendment more than me. Their opinions, negative or positive, they're entitled to. I've always appreciated that because, quite frankly, some of the things I've learned from. I learn from everybody. It's that they want to be a spoiler. No! No! Don't spoil this. Don't spoil it for the public. But I know that's a part of their job too.

"It's one of those things we try, with any form of the media now, we try no, no, no. Let me surprise you. As a matter of fact, with Shane and a number of instances we've had, like Brock Lesnar when he first came back, we keep people on a bus in the parking lot. We won't let our techs, we won't let the talent, we won't let anybody know until it's time for them to walk out there. Shane was in a bus and he was not allowed to come out of the bus until Stephanie's music hit and Stephanie had walked down the ramp. Shane comes out of the bus with security and goes right up to what we call Gorilla position (an area just off stage) and the guys there go, "I can't believe it." And all of the guys backstage, the vast majority of them, they didn't see Shane when he walked through. They were all shocked and surprised. That's what I try to do: totally surprise our talent. They like to be surprised just like the audience. They like to be entertained so I like to entertain our talent as well. And the talent likes to be entertained or entertain themselves as we all do. It's one great big entertainment wheel on all fronts."

With WrestleMania 32 right around the corner, it’ll be interesting to see what other surprises Vince McMahon has up his sleeves. You can read his entire Q&A with the Orlando Sentinel here.

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