The Rams relocated from St. Louis to Los Angeles this offseason, so something tells us that Rams running back Todd Gurley is going to be making a ton of appearances on TMZ Sports over the next few years. He looks like he’s going to be a star in the NFL, so you’ll probably see plenty of videos like the one above in the near future.

What you won’t see is a TMZ cameraman making a stupid bet like the one that the guy in this video made with Gurley. He bet Gurley $100 that he couldn’t name three Jay Z albums—Gurley is signed to Roc Nation Sports—and guess what? It took Gurley about five seconds to rattle off three of them.

If he really wanted to challenge Gurley here, the TMZ cameraman should have asked him to name all of Jay Z’s albums (the fact that one of the ones he mentioned was Magna Carta Holy Grail leads us to believe he might have been unable to do it) but he didn’t do that. So now, he owes Gurley $100. Better luck next time.

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[via TMZ Sports]