It’s been more than three months now since Odell Beckham Jr. flipped out on the field and picked up a series of penalties for going at it with Josh Norman. So you would think both players would have moved on by now. But…nope. They still don’t like each other—and they’re still not ready to bury the hatchet.

Earlier today, Norman made an appearance on ESPN’s SportsNation and was asked to give a one-word response to a photo of OBJ. His response? “OK.”

That single word made its way back to OBJ, who responded by taking to Twitter to subtweet Norman:

And of course, the Panthers cornerback wasn’t going to let OBJ get the last word, so he took to Twitter as well and sent a much more direct message to the Giants wide receiver:

Yikes. As pointed out, this wasn't the first time Norman called OBJ “OK”, either:

The Giants and Panthers aren't scheduled to play next season, which is probably a good thing. But can you imagine the electricity that would be on the field if the two teams happened to meet in the NFL Playoffs?

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