It's not often that the D-League gets attention in March (or any other month for that matter), what with both the NCAA Tournament and the NBA stretch run going on. But now, for two nights in a row, we have highlights from the minors. Yesterday it was because of Russ Smith's decimation of the stat sheet. Tonight it's because of D.J. Stephens' slam whilst representing the oxymoronic Iowa Energy

Stephens may not be playing in front of sold-out NBA arenas like he did for 15 minutes during the 2013-14 season. But for a brief moment he captured the attention of the public, with a viral dunk that's sure to be passed around social media like herpes at Burning Man. And that, well, that's worth more than all the NBA fame, groupies and paychecks combined. 

Don't point out how inaccurate that statement is.

[via @NBADLeague]

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