While there have been plenty of pro athletes who have taken part in two different sports during their careers, there has only been one person that has played in both the NBA and NFL. According to Sporting NewsBud Grant did it back in the 1950s by playing with both the Lakers and the EaglesNate Robinson wants to become the second player to do it.

Now technically, Robinson isn’t an NBA player right now. He spent some time with the Pelicans this season before being released and hasn't played in the league since then. But he’s apparently spent his time away from the court thinking about trying to play in the NFL, and it sounds like he’s actually going to attempt to do it. During a recent interview with The Lead Sports, he talked about the idea of him playing football again like he did back during his days at the University of Washington, and he even got a few famous friends like Jamal Crawford and Marcedes Lewis to cosign his idea.

Robinson, who played cornerback in college, would certainly be a longshot to make an NFL roster next season. He’s 5-foot-9 and 31 years old, and those are two things that will work against him. But if nothing else, it’d be fun to watch him try to make a team on HBO’s Hard Knocks, right? Someone give him a shot!

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