Remember when Lil Wayne started Young Money Sports back in 2014? There was some talk about him possibly making Cristiano Ronaldo his first client, and it sounded like Wayne was going to play a major role in representing some big-time athletes. Whatever deal he thought he had in place with Ronaldo seemed to fall apart, though, and since then, Young Money Sports has more or less fallen off the radar.

But it appears as though Young Money Sports is still kicking, because earlier today, TMZ Sports revealed that the agency has signed Florida State linebacker Reggie Northrup to be their first NFL client. Wayne posted the photo you see above on Instagram, and Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant took to his Instagram to reveal that he's down in Tallahassee, Fla. for Northrup’s pro day:

Stay tuned to see if Wayne is able to convince any other NFL draft prospects to sign with his agency.

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[via TMZ Sports]