There are only a few weeks remaining in the NBA's regular season, which means another tumultuous Sacramento Kings season will soon mercifully come to an end. Amongst an in-season coach firing (only to be replaced with a coach everyone seems to hate), there's also the ongoing DeMarcus Cousins saga.

The eccentric big man has had multiple clashes with head coach George Karl this season, almost punched Steven Adams in the back of the head, and now this. With the Kings in New York City to take on the Knicks Sunday night, video has surfaced of Cousins shoving an MSG security guard who appears to be making his way off the court following a timeout. It honestly looks as if the man accidentally runs into Cousins, who immediately takes offense and pushes the security guard out of his way. Not a great look. 

For all of Boogie's talent, and the constant dysfunction within the Kings organization, the guy sure doesn't make it easy on himself to totally escape blame from the constant sadness going on in Sac-Town.

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