DeMarcus Cousins catches a lot of heat for being a hothead on the basketball court at times, but he’s actually gotten really good at restraining himself. During a Team USA game a couple years ago, he came thisclose to punching Jonas Valanciunas before ultimately backing off and keeping himself out of trouble. And during a Thunder/Kings game last night, he did something very similar after getting into it with Steven Adams.

Cousins and Adams got tangled up at one point during the game, with Adams holding on to Cousins’ leg as he fell to the floor. It didn’t look like he did it on purpose, but Cousins responded to what Adams did by turning around, clenching his fist, winding his arm up, and…

Yooooooo. That could have been really bad. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

Cousins also got into it with KD earlier in the game, though it was much less dramatic than what happened between him and Adams:

Nice restraint all around, Boogie.

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