If the protestor's goal was to bring attention to his platform, then he was successful, as Ley posted the leaflet to his Twitter account after snatching one up. You can read it here, though you'll either have to be bilingual or get yourself a translator:

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Watching a live reporting shot is intriguing much in the same way that watching a daredevil is, 99 percent of the time things go smoothly, but in the other one percent there's an accident/somebody yells "FHRITP." We don't think that's what this political demonstrator was shouting today on the streets of Havana (after the Rays beat the Cuban National Team, 4-1) but he definitely disturbed Bob Ley's report enough that the 37-year ESPN veteran (who's undoubtedly seen a lot) was forced to toss it back to the studio.

Soon afterward Ley and his team filmed the arrest of the man:

Here's hoping he doesn't get into too much trouble. After all, hindering Bob Ley by tossing leaflets isn't exactly a felony.

At least we hope it isn't.

[via @KennyDucey, Streamable]

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