What in the world did Stephen Jackson start yesterday? He went on ESPN’s new show, The Jump, and said that he thinks the 2006-07 Warriors could beat this year’s Warriors. That led to Cedric Ceballos saying that he thinks the 1993-94 Suns could beat this year’s Warriors. And in a minute, it feels like every former NBA player is going to say the same thing about his old team. It’s maddening, and we’re basically at the point where we’re just going to ignore it.

The Warriors are aware what’s going on, too. They’ve heard the chatter from Jackson, Ceballos, and others (former Bulls player Ron Harper said something similar about the Warriors last year). And about an hour ago, they responded to it with this entertaining Twitter exchange between Andrew Bogut, Steph Curry, and Draymond Green:

Ah, yes, we see what you guys did there. Well played.

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