This past weekend, Hugh Jackman was in the Bay Area to promote his new movie, Eddie the Eagle. While he was there, he swung by a football camp that Marshawn Lynch was holding for a bunch of local high school kids and gave them a screening of the movie. He also took part in a drill with them and was treated to some heckling courtesy of Beast Mode himself. As Jackman—who hails from Australia—prepared to start the drill, Lynch yelled, “This a little different than rugby, mate!” at him. Watch here:

After he finished the drill, Jackman explained why he decided to stop by Lynch’s camp in the first place.

“I’m a fan of his,” he said, “and it was great. You know, it’s great seeing him give back at this point of his career. I’m a big sports fan.”

Jackman didn’t embarrass himself in front of Lynch, either. In the clip below, you can watch him run through the drill that Lynch made him take part in:

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[via Eye on Football]