Lil Wayne has Cam Newton's back.

The rapper made an appearance on SportsCenter Tuesday night, talking to anchor Stan Verrett about a number of topics, including the outrage directed at the Carolina quarterback in the wake of his behavior after the Super Bowl.

"It's interesting. My opinion on it is it's wack," Wayne said. "We are supposed to enjoy these people for what they do and what he does is amazing and no one else can do it and it hasn't been done ever. We're not supposed to care about nothing—[he's a] warrior—nothing else. This is entertainment, this is sports and let a person be a person, other than that. I don't get it."

Wayne was then asked for his initial reaction upon seeing Newton depart early from the post-game press conference that drew so much ire and a million Twitter hot takes. Newton revealed he was too upset by questions he overheard Broncos CB Chris Harris answering about Denver's gameplan to sit there any longer and Wayne said that only made him appreciate Newton even more. 

"I think that was genuine," said Wayne. "I believe, once I saw that, I said if I was a player on his team, or involved with his team in any kind of way, I love that dude. That's the way he feel when we lose? He's that hurt when we lose? Oh my God, I  love him. I can't wait to stand [by him]. I'm playing for him. Not with him, for him." 

Known for being a gigantic sports fan, Wayne revealed his secrets on how he's able to keep up with all the action on a nightly basis.

"Any studio I go to, any room I'm in, any place I'm at, if there's a television that person who's involved with the television is already alarmed and warned to know what channel is ESPN, Wayne's on the way," he said. 

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