There is no question that Johnny Manziel  is experiencing a downward spiral in his life, and he's facing the music (and the police quite often) after the young Cleveland Browns quarterback could lose his job as soon as Sunday's Super Bowl is over.

Many of Manziel's most important business partners, including LeBron James and Manziel's agent Erik Burkhardt, have distanced themselves in their professional relationship from Johnny Football. Even NFL bust Ryan Leaf reflected on his career earlier this week that he wasted his talent like Johnny Manziel continues do the same. Sadly, his own father claimed earlier this week that he isn't sure if his son is going to live to see his 24th birthday.

So who is next on the list to come forward and tell Johnny that he needs to slow down? None other than Hollywood's most revered bad boy, Charlie Sheen. You know you're really in trouble once Charlie Sheen is scared for your health and safety.

The man who once mused in a televised interview that he enjoyed collecting millions of dollars as the top-billing actor in his former series Two And A Half Men, bedding prostitutes and porn stars while doing the best drugs that money can buy, has had a new lease on life after revealing to the public last year that he is HIV positive. So he tweeted on Saturday that Manziel should "refocus" his energy on football and good health.

If this isn't rock bottom, then what is? And Charlie's right— it's never too late to redeem yourself and start "winning" in the safest and smartest ways possible. 

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