WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING ON TWITTER TODAY? First, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. Then, Amber Rose and Kanye. And now…Sharon Osbourne and Shaq?!

Okay, okay, so what Mrs. Osbourne said to Shaq on Twitter earlier this afternoon was only, like, 1/100th as crazy as anything Kanye, Wiz, or Amber (especially Amber) tweeted about today. But at around noon, she posted this:

Innocent enough, right? Yeah. Nothing wrong with that. But then, she decided to go ahead and share this:

And wait, did she just say what we think she…ahhhhhhh.

Shaq wasn’t all that taken aback by what she had to say:

Maybe it’s because he said this to a crowd full of people at a Lakers’ All-Access event earlier this week:

But Twitter certainly didn’t appreciate Osbourne sharing her sex dream with the world. Just check out some of the reactions that people had:

Yeah, today is officially over. Bye.

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