UPDATE (1/27/16):

LeBron James responded to the accusation made by Heat minority owner Raanan Katz today.

"I've never met that guy," he told reporters. "I don't even know if a lot of guys that actually played ever met him. I was there for four years, and I never met him. I think my relationship with Spo had nothing to do with that. At the end of day, I don't even think...the fact that I never met him, I don't think he was involved in any of the conversations that goes on with the personnel of the team or the coaching staff or anything."

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Did LeBron James play a role in David Blatt’s firing last week? He says no. Cavaliers general manager David Griffin says no, too. But most other people think that the idea of the Cavs firing Blatt without checking with LeBron first is preposterous. So the belief is that, even if he didn’t directly call for Blatt’s job, LeBron played a small role in him getting canned.

Heat minority owner Raanan Katz says it’s not the first time LeBron has called for a coach’s head, either. He spoke with basketball reporter David Pick this week and told him LeBron tried to do the same thing with Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra back in 2010:

There’s a chance that this is total BS. After all, it’s coming from a guy who owns a part of the team that LeBron left in 2014, so he’s probably not the most objective source here. But it’s not crazy to think that LeBron may have wanted a different coach during his first few months in Miami when the team was struggling. Stay tuned to see if LeBron responds to the latest accusation regarding him and his coaches.

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